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Get started! Follow these easy 3 steps and

start boosting your website immediately!

Follow these easy 3 steps and start boosting your website immediately!

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STEP 1: Install the Boostifai Pixel 

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Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to install the software, a simple copy-paste will do!

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STEP 2: Check suggestions 

    Review the improvement suggestions and approve them with one simple click.
    Not happy with the suggestions? No problem, you can simply discard them!

    Boostifai will implement the approved suggestions automatically, so sit back and relax.

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    STEP 3: Get boosted!

    With all these automated approvements, you don’t want to sit around and wait.
    You want results immediately! See the impact of the improvements immediately.


    Check how Boostifai’s data-driven products

    can help you with your marketing challenges.



    Track real-time how the SEO tool improves your page ranking in Google.
    on-page SEO


    Improve your webpages for SEO by implementing small HTML adjustments.  Get your pages scanned now!
    link building
    Create a link building strategy for your website. Internal links from one page of your website to another help Google to rank your website higher in their search results.
    AI powered copywhriter


    Automate content generation with AI. Create frequently searched content with high-ranking keywords automatically and become more relevant than ever for your customers.
    auto-blog boostifai


    Based on your business we will generate: 
    • Niche-relevant content for your business
    • Topically relevant articles
    • Niche-relevant article featured images
    • Niche-relevant in-article images
    • Well structured headings
    • External linking with custom CTA to your business
    • Automatic content generation
    • Automatic content posting

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